plastic measuring scoops for supplement powders

plastic measuring scoops for supplement powders

plastic measuring scoops for supplement powdersplastic measuring scoops for supplement powders

It's a scoop and a scoop with funnel - About us


Multi-Purpose Measuring Scoop With Funnel

  • The Scoopie can be used as a standard measuring scoop for shaker bottles.
  • The Scoopie can also be used as a scoop with funnel to pour powders into a water bottle.

The Scoopie Easily Fits into any supplement container

Easily Scoop Into Any Container

  • Hassle Free Innovation To Enhance Your Customers Experience With Your Brand.
  • Avoid unnecessary powder spills at home, in your car and at the gym, along with the clean up required.
  • Save time during gym prep and baby prep.

The Scoopie Pours Easily into Water Bottles

A Clean Pour Everytime

  • Water bottles are the number 1 selling beverages in the world.
  • Increase your market reach by providing a way for these water bottle consumers.

The Scoopie is BPA Free and FDA Quality Plastic

BPA Free & FDA Quality Plastics

We ensure each and every scoop is quality tested to exceed required FDA manufacturing standards. The Scoopie provides Certificate's of Compliance with each and every order.

The Scoopie is Proudly Made in the USA

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that The Scoopie runs manufacturing in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times of any scoop provider.