Frequently asked questions about the scoopie

Patented Utility and Design

The Scoopie is Patented with United States Patent

 The Scoopie® is a registered trademark of The Scoopie, LLC, and is registered as United States Trademark No. 4,471,811. The Scoopie’s products are manufactured and sold under license of United States Patent No. 7,441,676 

Is the Scoopie Too Expensive?

The Scoopie Costs the same as a standard scoop

You or your manufacturer spend 6 to 10 cents per standard scoop,not including the shipping cost, taxes and cost to place in your product. The Scoopie ranges in price from 6 cents to 12 cents per unit, which is the same price or a few pennies more than the standard scoop. (Per 10,000 units, 2 cents extra adds 200$ total to your cost per 10,000  

What are the Minimums?

The Scoopie has no minimum order

 Our minimums are actually better than other scoop providers, ranging from 300 units to 2500 units (We sell by the box).

We have sporadic production schedules. Can you our meet 1-4 week lead times?

The Scoopie has super fast delivery

We sure can! We store over 2 million units in our Houston, Texas warehouse and can ship same day in most cases. We also have molds available at our Illinois Manufacturing Facility to provide larger runs and custom colors within 1-3 weeks lead time.

Can you provide Custom Colors?

The Scoopie can be made in custom colors

We sure can and do. We stock:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Black 
  • Natural 

And can produce other colors as well. Other scoop providers typically only provide Natural, while our goal is to make sure The Scoopie can also be used as a branding/marketing tool for your brand. 

We want The Scoopie yet you don't have our size for every product.

The Scoopie comes in many sizes and we can make your size too

We agree that symetry is important as well. Adding The Scoopie to just one product is a great way to test an already market proven product for your brand. Adding The Scoopie to one or even just a few products, only stands to enhance the image of those products and will not take away from products that continue to use the standard scoop. That product hasn't changed in a negative manner, so consumers perception of that product will continue to remain the same. If this is still a concern, we offer promotional Scoopies that can be handed out as a gift with purchase or sold on your website separately or with that supplement product.

We fill our supplement products to the brim. Will The Scoopie fit inside?

It has now become common practice for most brands to fill their supplements to the brim and The Scoopie has never had an issue fitting inside of a container. The Scoopie comes closed, therefore only adds a very minimal amount of space used. We are also open to doing a FIT TEST with your product to address this concern.

We only us Shaker Bottles and most consumers use shaker bottles. Why do we need The Scoopie?

This is actually not the case. Water bottles are the number one selling beverage in the world. Every household has a case of water in their kitchen and now, more gym goers are using water bottles over shaker bottles. Consumer behavior continues to change and it's important to listen to your consumers by providing them with the required tools they need to use your supplement products.

People use Shaker Bottles. We can't forget about these consumers. Wouldn't The Scoopie do this?

The Scoopie is actually a DUEL PURPOSE SCOOP. It can be used in the open position, just like a standard scoop, for shaker bottles. It can also be used in the closed position to allow consumers to pour their supplements into a water bottle, without having to use a makeshift paper funnel or spilling their supplements. In the worst case scenario, featuring someone who truly does not want the funnel, they can rip it off and use The Scoopie (now a scoop) like they would any other scoop. frequently asked questions

My manufacturer already provides me with my scoops. So how can they use the Scoopie?

This one's simple. Your manufacturer is in the business of making you happy, which means that if you want them to use The Scoopie inside your product, they will. All you need to do is notify them that you want to use The Scoopie, copy The Scoopie and Your Manufacturer in an email and we'll become vendors that day with your manufacturer. They will then purchase The Scoopie just like they would standard scoops, to use inside your products, costing you ZERO additional work. The Scoopie already has accounts with the majority of manufacturers around the world, so adding The Scoopie will be an easy and hassle free way to provide TONS of value to your consumers, INSTANTLY! Simply ask your manufacturer to get you Scoopie's!

I have a NDA with my manufacture. My brands privacy is important.

Non Disclosures Are Provided for Confidentiality

We completely understand your concern with this yet your manufacturer works with many material suppliers whose job it is to provide quality goods for your brands, not gossip about whose products are being made there. We provide ready to go NDA agreements, that The Scoopie will sign to further prove our integrity to any brand. Our mission is no different than any other material provider or vendor that already services your manufacturer. So rest assured, your manufacturer and your brand are safe with us.

Is The Scoopie FDA Approved (COC provided)? Do you provide Liability protection?

The Scoopie is made with FDA Quality plastics

Yes. Each Scoopie is tested for FDA quality plastic and passes, with flying colors, required FDA Standards. We provide a COC (Certification of Compliance) with each order. We also offer additional insured of 5,000,000 dollars per incident. 

We sell Shaker Bottles & Funnels. Using The Scoopie would hurt sales of Shaker Bottles & Funnels.

We completely respect your hustle and your profits. The Scoopie has actually been shown to improve customer retention, as well as provide viral marketing, resulting in new customers for your brand. This would mean that profits are being made. Furthermore, we took a survey that showed that consumers were willing to spend 2$ to 10$ more per supplement product, that provided a tool like The Scoopie Inside of it. While changing your pricing can be viewed as a difficult decision, adding an additional dime or quarter to each supplement product with The Scoopie wold go unrecognized by consumers, who will fall in love with The Scoopie inside of your products. Consumers are all different and even with The Scoopie, your consumers will still purchase Shaker Bottles and Funnels from you. As a last resort, we provide LOGO printing for Our Scoopies and can brand The Scoopie for you at prices better than Shaker Bottles and Funnels, allowing your brand to provide another tool for your consumers to buy and for you to make profits on.

We use automated machines that drop scoops into products. Will the Scoopie work with these?

 Yes. Every Scoopie size (18 different sizes) have been tested on automatic machines. We supply millions of Scoopies annually to manufacturer's who have ZERO issues with our Scoopie at production time.  

Why doesn't my manufacturer offer The Scoopie? I will use it when my manufacturer offers it?

Standard scoops have been the norm for powdered products your entire life. Manufacturer's purchase standard scoops because until The Scoopie, there wasn't another option available for powders. Today, manufacturer's use standard scoops because your product already uses it, therefore, it is easier to simply keep your product the way it is by providing you with a standard scoop as opposed to using something else, you have yet to ask them for. With this said, if your manufacturer has a demand for The Scoopie, they will do so. This means that all a Supplement Brand has to do in order to use The Scoopie is speak with their manufacturer and ask them to supply The Scoopie for their brand. You must ask for it though. This is similar to ordering a Hamburger. Typically, a Hamburger comes without cheese and/or bacon. Yet, if you want cheese and/or bacon, you must ask for it upon ordering, resulting in the person fulfilling your order, adding cheese and/or bacon to your Hamburger. Simple right! 

People do not purchase supplements because of a scoop!

No, they don't. Yet they will make purchasing decisions, such as paying more or paying for, a product that has additional features, PROVIDES VALUE, PROVIDES CONVENIENCE, fitting THEIR LIFESTYLE, that other product's do not have. People are obsessed with the details and the added value of every item they purchase. For example, which is why consumers spend more money on Vehicles that include navigation screens, sunroofs, leather seats, heated steering wheels and 20 inch rims at the time of purchase. Our goal isn't to showcase the scoopie as the gleaming light that overshadows a brand's products, rather to beam a Feit BR40 LED Bulb (Which is currently the brightest led light bulb available) to brighten/exemplify/showcase tremendous brands like YOURS. The water bottle market is now the largest beverage market in the world and growing each day, which means consumer behavior is changing, which means more people are looking for ways to utilize their water bottles, not shaker bottles, with their supplements. So while consumers are not solely purchasing a supplement product because of the scoop, it definitely weighs in on their decision making process at the time of purchase. Especially, if they use water bottles, which most do. So if a consumer was choosing between two products and one of these products had The Scoopie inside, wouldn't that product stand out more than one that didn't have that additional selling point? 

It's cool yet finding a way to prevent scoops from sinking in powder is more important.

Cool. Sinking scoops are a problem and there are solutions out there for that. In our opinion, getting a little bit of powder on your hand (You should use a utensil instead) is way more convenient than spilling powder on your counter/floor or inside of your car. Consumer's buy supplement products in order to use them, so they will without a doubt dig as deep as they need to, in order to get that scoop. Once they find it, they will still need a way to pour their supplements into a water bottle. Luckily, we have found out that when The Scoopie is added inside of a supplement product (the top), it will remain on top and not sink into the powder. Thus eliminating the sinking scoop issue. 

Is The Scoopie better than a standard scoop?

The Scoopie Measuring Scoop and Funnel Device